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Please support Busted Halo
Please support Busted Halo

There are two ways you can donate to Busted Halo®:

Busted Halo® fosters a community where thousands of seekers explore spiritual questions, and provides a “welcome back” to the many young adults who return to their Catholic faith because of our ministry. We pledge to be here when you need us. We need you too. Please consider a gift that will help support Busted Halo®. Thank you!

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To learn more about how you can help,
contact Father Dave Dwyer at:

Busted Halo®
405 W. 59th Street
New York NY 10019

(212) 265-3209 x204

We continue to offer BustedHalo.com® to you free of charge, yet we have many expenses not covered by the advertising you see on the site. In order to continue to provide the network of media and ministry you and so many of our readers and listeners have come to value, we need your support!

We need to ensure that our welcoming community continues to flourish.

Busted Halo® Funding FAQ

Q: Arent websites fairly inexpensive to maintain? What does Busted Halo® need money for?

A: Busted Halo® needs to pay for a variety of things in order to keep our ministry up and running. For the website alone, we have editors, writers, and production and marketing staff that make sure you get great spiritual content. Then, of course, there are expenses for technology, like bandwidth, server space, photo services, software, etc.

To produce the website content alone it costs approximately:

$200,000 / year
$16,666 / month
$800 / each weekday

In order to pay for office space and supplies, we also need at an additional $20,000 a year. So although we’re very cost effective, we still need your support!

Q: Doesn’t Busted Halo® get funded through banner ads, or other sources of funding?

A: Busted Halo® receives funding from a variety of sources, but most of our income comes from the support of individual donors, from people like you!

Break Down of Busted Halo Funding Sources
Individual Gifts: 59%
Paulist Fathers Sponsorship: 14%
Staff Speaking Engagements & Sirius-XM Radio Fee: 10%
Foundation Grants: 10%
Website Advertising: 4%
Halo Store Sales: 2%
Retreat & Ministry Fees & Other Income: 1%

Q: I really value what Busted Halo does but don’t have that much extra income, how can I help?

A: Supporting Busted Halo does not mean that you give over this month’s rent, your life savings, or the money you had saved up to pay for college. There are lots of big and small ways you can support our ministry.

By joining the Halo Repair Crew, you can have a big impact without even noticing! By signing up for a small monthly donation you can help to provide the funding that keeps Busted Halo operating year round, and it’s all automated so you don’t even have to worry about sending us a check every month.

Even if you don’t have the funds to support us now, introducing your family and friends to Busted Halo, and asking them to get involved in the ministry, is a cost free way, to help us share our ministry.

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