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December 21st, 2015

Busted Halo’s 2015 Advent Surprise Calendar



Advent Calendar

Our digital twist on the traditional Advent calendar brings a sense of surprise by showing you the whole calendar, but not letting you “open” each day and find out what’s behind the picture until that day comes along. Each day, the link will lead you to a special Advent-themed Daily Jolt and MicroChallenge.

Advent in 2 Minutes

Need a refresher on what Advent is actually all about? Everything you need to know about the hopeful anticipation of this special season… in just 2 minutes!



Celebrate Advent using Busted Halo’s InstaAdvent Photo Challenge. Click here for more details and a complete listing of our Advent photo-a-day ideas. Post a photo every day during Advent and stay connected to the hope, joy, and occasional peppermint mocha that make this time of year so special!

Advent Retreat

Our preparations for Christmas are filled with occasions for waiting. We wait in line at stores, we wait for traveling relatives, we wait for the cookies in the oven to finish baking. But waiting is not a passive action. It’s dynamic and transformative! This virtual retreat will help you reflect on ways to grow in faith, hope, and love while we wait for the coming of Christ this Advent.

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  • Julie McKeown

    It is working perfectly for me…is it all fixed or am I just one of the fortunate ones?

  • Heidi Denman McDougall

    Seems the calendar is set to open when it darn well pleases. It’s nearly 4:00 in the afternoon and December 5 is still keeping me in suspense. . . .

    • barbara_wheeler

      Apologies, Heidi — Our “Advent Automation” isn’t working as well this year. We are all learning true lessons in “waiting.” We are also posting the Advent Jolts and MicroChallenges on Facebook and Twitter every morning at 10 and 11 a.m. Sorry for any inconvenience.

      • Heidi Denman McDougall

        Seems all better now. Thanks– it’s a delightful gift.

  • Boz Van Pitt

    This is an interesting exercise with the day’s expected message not available exactly as expected. Waiting isn’t so much about something or someone arriving on schedule. It’s more about our willingness to be ready when the time comes. Today’s society cultivates impatience and rewards it with something arriving sooner/better/faster. Why wait for that when you can have this now? When we’re waiting for the best we could ever hope to welcome and receive, it’s worth the wait.

  • Sussette Denoncour Webster

    Day 1 won’t open. It says to come back on that day. It is “that” day. :-( Will it not work on my iPhone?

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