Busted Halo
January 22nd, 2010

Busted Borders: Giselle (USA/Mexico) – Video 1

"Into the mouth of the lion."


Giselle discusses the incident that forced her to look at the immigration issue.

With the help of a grant from the Carnegie Corporation, BustedHalo.com began covering the issue of immigration in a unique way. Instead of contributing to the glut of coverage about immigration, BustedHalo is featuring stories by immigrants themselves about the issue. We distributed Flip video cameras to undocumented individuals and agencies across the country and asked them to start video blogging for a period of at least three months.

Busted Borders is an attempt to use the web’s unfiltered nature to move the immigration debate away from abstractions and statistics. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, we hope to give a personal glimpse into the humanity of these strangers in our midst. For reasons of safety, some of the participants have opted to keep their last names and locations secret.

Busted Borders is an ongoing project and we are still in its early stages. If you or someone you know is interested in participating please contact us at borders@bustedhalo.com.

Busted Borders Producer: Bill McGarvey; Project coordinator: Mirlande Jeanlouis.

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  • cheryl

    You instigate racism into the situation. Sterotypes, racism, racial profiling, PC– all words that don’t belong in the situation.
    What is illegal is illegal~~ period.
    The fact that illegal aliens, in this case, are Mexican, isn’t it logical that they will look like Mexicans? Who should they be looking for, blond, blue eyed people?
    Those words just incite violence and give an excuse for the people to break the law.
    Follow the law, that’s all you have to do.

  • Tim Coleman

    These videos are an effort to show these Felons, as human and therefore they should have all the rights our ancestor dies to give us. They have no rights and are breaking Federal Law. Why does noone see this???????? Same as robbing a bank and they are getting away with, because of left wing people who feel sorry for them. I bet you felt sorry for Hitler when he had to commit suicide in the end. The Allies forced the poor man to kill himself. Why dont you go live in Mexico?

  • Tim Coleman

    It is your fault for marrying and then assuming his is a citizen. He has broken a Federal Law and should be deported and you should be held liable for harboring a felon. It is YOUR FAULT.

  • Tim Coleman

    What are these videos called, Lisanne Morgan? Show me some of them, dont just say they are out there, for every one you show me, I can show you 10 that harm the US.

  • Amerikan Shaman

    FIRST Mr Owens if North-Americans has no jobs is thanks to the recession that is thanks to other factors like stupids bankers in Wall street that deeps us in an economic bubble, not because undocumented workers.
    SECOND Not all organs are compatible, depending in the donors and the person who is receiving the transplant.
    THIRD, Think before express useless comments.

  • Lisanne Morgan

    Actually there are several videos out there describing the impact of undocumented workers on the US economy. There are numerous articles, studies, videos etc. trying to straighten the grossly distorted picture of the realities of undocumented immigration that most people in the US hold. If one were to actually do research instead of holding popular view that fear-mongering offers, one would find that the entire social security system is dependent on undocumented workers who may not access it. Undocumented workers, on the whole contribute more then they receive. You should really check-out some solid, credible sources … you may find your world begin to rock

  • David Owens

    Is someone going to do a video about the Americans who are out of work because illegal aliens? A Mexican woman. an illegal alien, in California has had four free liver transplants. Will there be a video about the American citizens who died waiting for a transplant because of this woman? Is there a video about the impact of illegal immigration on poor and working class Americans? Is there a video about emergency rooms around the country that have been closed because of the expenses imposed on them by illegal aliens? When you present only their point of view and not ours, you present a grossly distorted picture of the realities of illegal immigration.

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