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September 22nd, 2009

Busted Borders: Nicole (United States) – Video 4

"Saying goodbye"


In this fourth and final video, 24 hours before their move to Mexico, Nicole and the kids say goodbye.

In video one, Nicole explained how her husband was barred from returning to the United States. Because of this, she is planning on moving with her kids to Mexico.

In video two, Nicole talks about the difficulties she’s facing uprooting her four kids and moving to a foreign country.

In video three, Nicole and the kids begin the process of leaving their home for Mexico.

With the help of a grant from the Carnegie Corporation, BustedHalo.com began covering the issue of immigration in a unique way. Instead of contributing to the glut of coverage about immigration, BustedHalo is featuring stories by immigrants themselves about the issue. We distributed Flip video cameras to undocumented individuals and agencies across the country and asked them to start video blogging for a period of at least three months.

Busted Borders is an attempt to use the web’s unfiltered nature to move the immigration debate away from abstractions and statistics. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, we hope to give a personal glimpse into the humanity of these strangers in our midst. For reasons of safety, some of the participants have opted to keep their last names and locations secret.

Busted Borders is an ongoing project and we are still in its early stages. If you or someone you know is interested in participating please contact us at borders@bustedhalo.com.

Busted Borders Producer: Bill McGarvey; Project coordinator: Mirlande Jeanlouis.

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  • Benjamin, 10 YEARS OLD

    Did their move go well? I think this should happen, PAPERS OR NO PAPERS, MEXICANS SHOULD BE ABLE TO GET INTO THE UNITED STATES!

  • Amir

    As a Palestinian and overstaying in the states for 10 years, I understand the feeling associated with having to depart your family and treated unfairly. You don’t have the right to drive, work or even finding a country to accept you to have a home…home sweet home as they say. I hope this family goodness and guidance.

  • Mo

    So, how did the move go and are they OK? Happy, healthy, doing well?

  • jamie mcelroy

    this is jamie again… and im watching these vidoes for the first time… i was there when everyone got to talk but i just couldnt do it… and as i am sitting here watching all this it breaks my heart all over again… i miss my best friend.i fear for thier safety at all times.. i know she is safe with alec but is the baby ok?? wat if soomething happens or he gets sick.. then wat.. im ashamed of this country and how the people really have no say no ninfluence and the little people dont count and dont matter.. say wat you want but thats real… how many letters have her friend and my cousins wrote to important people and not a damn thing has been said or done.. my cousin cant get any mail where she is at.. and its not likke she moved to thenext town or state the woman had to stop and leave everything to move to another country not thats crazy… and what can be done???????

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