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November 17th, 2009

Busted Borders: Walter (Argentina)-Video 5

"This is music that I've created."


In this video, Walter talks about his love for creating music.

In video 4, Walter talks about how soccer has helped him cope with his immigration issues.

In video 3, Walter talks about the difficulties of facing an uncertain future.

In video 2, Walter talks more about how he did not know he was undocumented until he was applying for college.

In video 1, Walter explains how he was caught by ICE and detained for twenty day.

With the help of a grant from the Carnegie Corporation, BustedHalo.com began covering the issue of immigration in a unique way. Instead of contributing to the glut of coverage about immigration, BustedHalo is featuring stories by immigrants themselves about the issue. We distributed Flip video cameras to undocumented individuals and agencies across the country and asked them to start video blogging for a period of at least three months.

Busted Borders is an attempt to use the web’s unfiltered nature to move the immigration debate away from abstractions and statistics. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, we hope to give a personal glimpse into the humanity of these strangers in our midst. For reasons of safety, some of the participants have opted to keep their last names and locations secret.

Busted Borders is an ongoing project and we are still in its early stages. If you or someone you know is interested in participating please contact us at borders@bustedhalo.com.

Busted Borders Producer: Bill McGarvey; Project coordinator: Mirlande Jeanlouis.

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  • S.A. Roach

    I appreciate hearing the remarks of the folk in the Busted Halo immigration series. It is always good to hear all perspectives. The problem is that there is no balance here. It is all one perspective–a highly emotional, sentimental and irrational perspective. You folks are well reminded that the Catholic Church also puts a great deal of stock in rational thought; and it also has a long history of achieving its mission inside the law of the land. Cardinal Mahoney errs when he says we do not have a system of laws that work concerning immigration. We do and we have since 1846. The question then is can we uphold that law without violating human rights. The answer is ‘yes,’ we can. We can require all immigrants to follow the law by coming here legally and working here legally. May we see something on this perspective in addition to what you folks purport here?

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