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March 23rd, 2007

Ecclesia Virtualis-Video

Catholics in the Blogosphere


filmed and edited by Kevin Martz for Food4Thought.tv

As part of their Catholic Intellectual Series, Saint Joseph’s University’s Office of Mission & Identity organized a panel discussion entitled “Ecclesia Virtualis: Catholics in the Blogosphere”

The discussion focused on how the internet and blogs affect both the discourse on and the practice of Catholicism in America.

The panel, organized by Rev. Daniel Joyce, SJ, featured some of the leading voices on the Catholic Church in the blogosphere:

Amy Welborn :: Author of the blog “Open Book

Rocco Palmo :: Author of the blog “Whispers in the Loggia

Grant Gallicho :: Associate Editor Commonweal, moderator for dotCommonweal

Panel Host:
Bill McGarvey of BustedHalo.com

The event was filmed and edited by Kevin Martz of Food4Thought.tv a non-profit organization whose mission is to build a media library of personal self-development content with a foundation in faith. Many thanks for his generosity.

Video 1
Rev. Daniel Joyce, SJ introduces the panel discussion “Ecclesia Virtualis: Catholics in the Blogosphere.”

Video 2A
Moderator Bill McGarvey introduces panelist Grant Gallicho.

Video 2B
Moderator Bill McGarvey introduces panelists Rocco Palmo and Amy Welborn.

Video 3
Panelists discuss the state of Catholic contributions in the blogosphere.

Video 4
Panelists discuss the issue of competing voices of authority among Catholics in the blogosphere.

Video 5
Panelists discuss the unique characteristics of the internet.

Video 6
Panelists discuss the difference between a blogger and a journalist.

The Author : Kevin Martz

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