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May 18th, 2010

Facts of Faith

Busted Halo newest podcast presents anything and everything you ever wanted to know about Catholicism



Interested in learning about the Vatican secret archives? Want to know a little bit more about Catholic superheroes? Never knew what “Diet of Worms” really referred to? Then you won’t want to miss Busted Halo’s latest addition to its podcast lineup — Facts of Faith.

Facts of Faith — available every Tuesday and Thursday, both on our homepage and through iTunes — is the fourth separate podcast we offer each week to Busted Halo visitors, joining the Busted Halo Cast, excerpts from the Sirius XM Radio Show and Fr. Dave’s Homilies.

Facts of Faith episodes are short (five to ten minute) discussions between Fr. Dave Dwyer and Fr. Larry Rice about everything and anything Church-related: historical Catholic trivia, little-known pop culture facts, Church traditions, rituals, rules, orders, saints, history, stories and tales. Upcoming episodes include such varied topics as: famous Catholics; the Catholic connection to coffee; J.R.R. Tolkien; creationism versus evolution; Trappist ales; and the Chronovisor (if you haven’t heard of this you better Wikipedia it soon, and stay tuned for the podcast.)

Take a listen to Facts of Faith on the home page, from the archive of episodes, or subscribe to the podcast via iTunes.

New Facts of Faith podcasts will be available Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the Facts of Faith archive can be found here.

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  • Cindy

    Rules on non-divorced Catholic woman, living with another man, receiving Holy Communion. Husband will not divorce her. Is it OK for friend, who cares, to tell her she is living in sin, and needs to repent, without feeling guilty, (friend)?

  • marfo bismark

    I think that faith is a believe or trust that one haves to overcomes something

  • Steve

    As a member of Fr. Larry’s Columbus parish, I’m really looking forward to this. If his “Facts of Faith” are half as informative as his homilies, we’re all in for a treat!

    We’re going to miss you, Father…. New York, you sure are lucky!

  • Daniel

    I’ve enjoyed this new podcast “Facts of Faith” and have enjoyed learning the facts of our Catholic Faith that Fr. Larry Rice and Fr. Dave shares with us. Thanks and keep up the great work. God Bless.

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