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January 31st, 2014

February 2014 Wallpaper



Brrrrrr! It’s cold this winter, so we’ve chosen an appropriate snow-covered image for this year’s February wallpaper that includes a lot of (weather-related) days to look forward to.

Of course, Sunday is the Big Game day, but it’s also Groundhog Day, when the shadow of a common earth rodent (basically a large squirrel) determines if we’ll have another six weeks of this cold nonsense or not.

Don’t forget about the Feast of St. Blaise on February 3 — if you’re under the weather or have had to miss work (like some of us unfortunately have,) you should be looking forward to this saint’s feast day where you can head to your local Catholic church and receive a special throat blessing.

The feasts of St. Agatha and Our Lady of Lourdes are heading our way in a week or two.

And last, but not least, even though the Church doesn’t officially celebrate the feast of St. Valentine on the 14th, it’s still a pretty special holiday where couples out there can look forward to warming up together.

The wallpaper is available in sizes that will fit both widescreen and full screen monitors, as well as mobile devices. Download the files directly below, mark your calendar, and enjoy this easy way to stay aware of important feasts and holy days heading your way.

16:9 [2560 x 1440] · 16:10 [2560 x 1600] · 4:3 [2400 x 1800] · mobile [640 x 1136]

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  • Wee Mousie

    Also, Chinese New Year’s Day is February 8th. It’s 4714, 4713, or 4653 depending upon from when you believe one should start counting, but with no controversy, it is The Year of the Monkey.

  • Meg Noah

    isn’t february 5th st. agatha and not st. agnes?

    • http://bustedhalo.com/author/joe-williams Joe from Busted Halo

      Thanks for catching that, Meg! We’ve made the changes.

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