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October 1st, 2008

Catholic in the Voting Booth

A BustedHalo® Guide to Being a Faithful Citizen


This is the first of Busted Halo’s ® weekly features in our Googling God section. There’s no better place to start at this time in history than with the 2008 election and moreover, the issues that Catholics are most concerned about. Catholics are never single-issue voters and this guide will help Catholics in forming their consciences during election season to make the best possible choice they can make keeping their faith in mind alongside their political decisions.

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  • Nathan

    The one thing that I wonder when people vote on abortion issues is if they actually care what will happen to the kids when they get older. Sure…..we all want to protect innocent children, but how many people posting right now would step up and take a foster child? Probably not many.
    I work in a middle school in a small town in Ohio, and everyday I see “emotionally disturbed” (as they have been labeled) children out of control in the hallways. Some of these kids come from families most of you can’t imagine. One little boy has 6 brothers and sisters with 4 different fathers? The catch…..the fathers were brothers!!! That’s right…..he has brothers and sisters that are also cousins. Things like this are common place in areas all over the country.
    Would these children have been better off if they had been aborted? I’m won’t speculate. But I will say that no one is teaching birth control in these areas at all.
    Things have to be done in this country to understand that not everyone is middle class and some people can’t understand single sided thinking. Try teaching natural family planning to a women that sleeps with 3 different men a week for drugs…..If anyone had the solution to these problems, the world would be a better place.
    But for now……when you rant about the evils of using birth control, and the evils of abortion, think about what happens to that fetus when it turns 18 and is thrown out on the street. The hardships that child will face.
    And maybe, just maybe I pray that some of you will do the right that and remember those foster children that need homes.

  • Cornelia Farrell


  • Bill

    He could do a ton of harm, especially if you look at his stances. Abortion is one thing, that would be even more unrestricted. Stem cell research is another area. He advocates developing embryos for the sole purpose of harvesting their stem cells. How many lives would that snuff out? He advocates cloning, even human beings, as long as they are not implanted in the womb. A stance clearly against Church teaching. I’m beginning to think he sees the human being as a science project.

    It is true that reversing Roe would make it a state issue, but that would decrease the number of abortions. I don’t buy the poor are stuck and the rich get whatever they want arguement. For one thing, you would see groups pop up to perform abortions for low income families, because after all it’s just not fair if we all can’t kill our kids. Roe is ont the only solutions here, more education needs to be done. I’m not talking about handing out condoms. I mean real education like talking about VD and how often birth control really fails, how a child develops and at what time they have a heart beat and brain activity. Just a thought.

  • Virginia

    How the heck could Obama do “irreversible damage” by naming someone to the bench who is pro-choice? The guys who are on there NOW haven’t reversed Roe v. Wade either–so it’s not like the conservatives are doing a bang-up job here either.

    Look, if we overturn Roe v Wade the matter becomes a state matter. And then all hell breaks loose. Illegal abortions will abound in Mississippi amongst poor women while Oregon will make money hand over fist on the abortion industry. Reveral of Roe v. Wade is not the question we should be asking. We should be asking how do we support pregnant women who didn’t plan to give birth. Who has a better plan there? Obama–by a long shot.

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