Busted Halo
July 22nd, 2010

Insight into Inception

Busted Halo's interns discuss the new mind-bending film


This weekend’s smash hit Inception is the latest in a string of strong, mind-bending mediations on the nature of reality in the vein of The Matrix, Dark City and Memento. The film focuses on Dom Cobb, a man whose job it is to enter a person’s dream and steal information from his subconscious. As the film progresses, Cobb and his team members — and those of us in the audience — begin to lose grip on exactly what is real and what is a dream. In our own world, the digital landscape provides us with many alternatives to reality: television, video games, and the many role-playing websites the internet offers. These technologies can bring attention to an important world issue, send vacation pictures, distribute pornography, or even organize terrorism. In this Thinking Out Loud, the Busted Halo interns discuss how Inception gives us a mirror through which to look at these modern technologies and how they affect and inform our faith.

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  • the Rev John Roberts

    I haven’t seen Inception yet but want to. The interns’ comments were helpful. I wanted to add that there are times when we do enter that “other” world. When we hear and study the Word made flesh; when we receive the sacraments we experience things we cannot completely understand but know they are real. We know the Word and Sacraments make a real difference in our own reality.

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