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June 15th, 2010

Lady Gaga’s Busted Halo

USA Today asks Busted Halo about her new video... what do you think?


With the release last week of Lady Gaga’s controversial new video “Alejandro,” USA Today called upon BH’s editor-in-chief Bill McGarvey to offer his opinion on whether the video’s treatment of Catholicism was offensive. Read his response here.

Take a look at the video yourself right now and let us know your opinion by clicking here and taking our survey:

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  • offensive

    Offensive and distasteful. This is not for children to watch or embrace as art.

  • Liz C

    I was disappointed by the lack of analysis over at the NewsWeek link.

    For a feminist, non-religious reading, please read Lesley Kinzel’s fabulous analysis here: Lady Gaga’s Alejandro

    Furthermore, I would argue that the song itself is boring, but the Catholic imagery becomes problematic once read as allegory. Because she is surrounded by gay men, she feels (sexually) as a nun would among so many eligible and potentially attractive males.

    Her use of religious iconography is also both an homage and a pastiche of early Madonna’s videos, further reinforced by both the cinematography as well as the machine gun bra.

    I would agree, though, that her use of religious icons in order to shock is hackneyed at best. However, when viewed through the lens of homage or pastiche, it becomes more of an echo than an effort to genuinely shock.

  • Ashli

    I don’t think she has talent in any way shape or form. She’s just a weirdo. Obviously, not getting any attention in her younger years because she isn’t the least bit attractive, she is trying to get attention now in any way possible- even if it means exploiting religion (or anything for that matter). She disgusts me.

    I thought the song was catchy in and of itself when I heard it on the radio, but the video is vile.

    I didn’t find the video offensive, just gross and sad. She has to use other people’s beliefs at their expense to generate media like this about herself.

  • Bridget

    Gaga has some talent, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody trying so hard to out-Madonna Madonna.

  • Kenneal

    that is just weird.

  • Jim H

    It’s not blasphemous, arty, outrageous, clever, or the result of talent. It, like her is just sad. It’s all been done before. She just raised it to higher levels of absurdity. Gee, maybe we should stop clapping and just snap out fingers in unison for applause! Then we could be all hip and arty, too!

  • Brandon Kraft

    I concur with Bill on this one. Yawn. Honestly, I thought the song itself was from the mid-1990’s.

  • moxie1956

    There’s nothing new under the sun. No wonder King Solomon seemed disenchanted much of the time. And so am I. Actually, I am thoroughly disgusted with just one more piece of obscenity trying to pass as intellectually honest artistry.

  • Sr. Bernadette Reis

    For someone who thinks she is the caliber of artist who can be so offended at American Idol cutting a few precious moments of air time so recently, I’d be careful before using such hackneyed images to communicate my message. Having said that, since I am a woman religious, I have to say that I am offended when I see the image of the life I have embraced dragged into someone’s twisted world. However, it certainly reflects more on her than on what the symbols represent.

  • Carmen

    I totally loved it. So she looks like Madonna, that’s right. Each one of them shocked the world in their own time. She’s doing here what Madonna did back in teh 80s when she emulated Marilyn. Thumbs up, a great video!

  • Irma

    Was it Lady Gaga or Madonna in that video? What is the song about? I don’t get the video either BORING!!! IT HAS BEEN DONE BEFORE!!! HELLO!!!!

  • Christy

    I don’t get it. She’s mourning his death. And I can’t figure out whether she’s reminiscing of all the wild & crazy sex they had, or whether she’s expressing her grief by having sex with a bunch of different guys.

    Either way, I’m more grossed out by the sex scenes and the terrible song itself than the supposed anti-Catholic sentiment in there.

  • Erika

    All I have to say is, I LOVE IT, she’s an amazing artist. She is so creative, I love that her videos have a deeper meaning, it’s not just what you see.

  • Brendan Conway

    She’s a good singer, but she makes horrible music videos. Costumes do not make a good video, and her videos are pretty much all about showing off outlandish costumes.

    I watched the video for this song once, to take the survey, and will pretty much ignore its existence from now on because it is just as bad as the rest of the music videos that she has made.

  • Marleen

    If she’s as shocking as the other female artist in the 80’s, she’ll make lots of money and isn’t that her main goal? Not my kind of music; but, the shock factor is not any different from what’s readily available to day. I like Steve’s comment comparing to comedians. I would never set REPLAY on this one!

  • Lacey

    It doesn’t take talent to say someone’s name a million times. Throwing yourself every where while wearing odd costumes – anyone can do. There is nothing special about this video, song, or artist. As far as spiritual judgment goes – I guess she will be the only one to know what God thinks of her actions, when the time comes.

  • Steve

    In response to this video, Katy Perry said that a singer “using blasphemy to shock is like a comedian telling fart jokes.”

    Pretty much sums it up. Yawn…

  • Shaun

    It just seems like she is trying to ramp up the shock and awe stylings of another popular female artist who did pretty much the exact same thing in the mid to late 1980s. Nothing relatively new. I find it interesting that folks are shocked by this kind of thing. It seems sometimes by continually pointing out how “evil” things are we tend to draw more attention and credence to them.

  • Sonja Tucci

    I like it. I don’t feel its disrespectful at all. But like with anything people will see the negative before the positive. All through history sex and violence have gone hand in hand with religion. So her version is just an extension of the past. Maybe she feels as sort of a Joan of Arc sacrificing for her beliefs. As for swallowing the rosary, it may be her way of saying she’s trying to swallow the churches beliefs but in her heart she doesn’t believe the same way

  • GuitarVlog

    Moe Howard + Madonna + Evita + Boring AND droning song. I normally love the Gaga but this is not one of her better works.

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