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October 1st, 2013

October 2013 Wallpaper



The scariest month of the year is upon us, but before we get to Halloween there are many sacred and saintly celebrations to remember, including the feasts of St. Francis of Assisi, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Luke and Our Lady of the Rosary. Additionally, did you realize that today is World Vegetarian Day? Use our latest desktop image to remember all these and more important dates this October.

The wallpaper is available in sizes that will fit both widescreen and full screen monitors, as well as mobile devices. Download the files directly below, mark your calendar, and enjoy this easy way to stay aware of important feasts and holy days heading your way.

16:9 [2560 x 1440] · 16:10 [2560 x 1600] · 4:3 [2400 x 1800] · mobile [640 x 1136]

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  • Virginia Creek Tippen

    why not call it All Hallow’s Eve on the 31st, why fall into the evil dark side, I would have used it otherwise.

    • cloud

      The word “Halloween” is simply a contraction of the words “All Hallow’s even” (the word “even” being the Early Modern English word for “eve”). It’s the same as how we get the word “Christmas”, a contraction for “Christ Mass”. It’s a different spelling/pronunciation, but it’s the same meaning.

      The vilification of Halloween originated as a thinly veiled attempt by fundamentalists to denigrate the Catholic tradition of All Hallow’s Eve. Of course, on All Hallow’s Eve, we pray for the souls of the dead in purgatory. Since fundamentalists don’t believe in purgatory, they take issue with All Hallow’s Eve. Their way of degrading this memorial was to make it look like Catholics are pagans and witch worshippers. Of course, that’s obviously not the case!!

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