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June 14th, 2009

The Velveteen Rabbit

The Princess, The Priest and the War for the Perfect Wedding Episode 9

by and Dr. Christine B. Whelan & Fr. Eric Andrews CSP


Episode #9 — The Velveteen Rabbit

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We encourage you to email us questions, or record a short video with your question and send it to us. If we use your video in a future episode, we will give you a $25 Amazon gift certificate. Send in your questions to weddings@bustedhalo.com and hear Dr. Christine Whelan, author of the Pure Sex, Pure Love column go head to head with Father Eric Andrews, a Paulist priest with more than 15 years of wedding experience as they debate your questions: Why can’t you get married on the beach? Why is the priest being such a jerk? Why do we have to talk about sex during pre-Cana? And many more.

Dr. Christine B. Whelan, is an Iowa-based social historian, professor, journalist and author. She is the author of Marry Smart: The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to True Love, and Why Smart Men Marry Smart Women.

Fr. Eric Andrews CSP, effective September 1, 2009, is the newly appointed President of Paulist Productions, the film and television ministry of the Paulist Fathers, located in Los Angeles, California. Prior to entering the priesthood, he worked for Jim Henson and the Muppets on a variety of television productions.

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  • ml

    If he wanted one of those read at his wedding, they’re probably important to him for one reason or another; was it necessary to belittle the specific question?

  • Stephanie

    I’ve seen a few of these so far. I’ve noticed a theme here…apparently you don’t “personalize” weddings, just the receptions. That makes sense, I guess. I mean, even if I got married by a judge, I wouldn’t be telling him/her what to say either.
    At least they choose wacky questions…

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