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September 26th, 2009

Last Few Days of September Safeguard Creation Drive

Recycle your electronic gadgets and Busted Halo as well



Busted Halo® provides a community — both online and on Sirius XM satellite radio — where seekers can explore the spiritual questions they have, as well as share and grow in their faith. One thing that is pretty clear about this generation of spiritual seekers is that we don’t believe spirituality is just about going to church on Sunday; it’s about living your beliefs in your everyday life. Pope Benedict himself recognized this when he declared the theme for World Peace Day 2010 to be: “If You Want to Cultivate Peace, Safeguard Creation.”

Protecting the environment is one of the many ways you can act on your faith. Securing the planet for future generations is no small task, but we know that you, our audience, are always up for a challenge. So we decided that, in honor of the International Day of Peace and of Green Consumer Day (both in September) we’d declare September Busted Halo’s® Safeguard Creation Month.

This means several things. First, everyone here at Busted Halo® is going to make a personal commitment to help the environment during the month of September — by turning off all temperature controlling devices, biking to work, turning off the lights, recycling, or some other act we can take to help in a small way. We’ll keep you posted on our efforts. Second, we’re asking you to do the same.

To help you in our shared task, we’ve set up the Busted Halo® September Safeguard Creation Drive on Gazelle (bustedhalo.gazelle.com). Busted Halo® is a non-profit organization so we rely on the support of you, our readers and listeners, to continue providing the content and community you find on our Sirius XM radio show and bustedhalo.com — but there is no reason we can’t help the environment at the same time.

Gazelle is the nation’s largest “reCommerce” company, offering an eco-friendly and philanthropic way of recycling your used electronics. By donating your used cell phones, computers, MP3 players and other gadgets to Busted Halo® through Gazelle, you ensure that your gadget will be recycled and reused, or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. And you don’t even need to pay for postage. Just log onto to bustedhalo.gazelle.com and look up your item, see the amount that will be donated to Busted Halo® for sending it in, enter your information, and they’ll send you the postage you need to send the item to them. All you need to provide is your used electronics and a box. At the end of the drive the money from the donated gadgets will go to support Busted Halo® in our ministry to spiritual seekers.

During the month of September, we hope to collect $1,000 worth of recyclable and reusable gadgets, so send in your stuff. And when you do, send us a brief email at safeguardcreation@bustedhalo.com with your contact info, so we can send you a thank you for contributing to our ministry. You can safeguard creation in September by recycling and donating at the same time. It’s a win for you, us, and the environment! Stay tuned for more suggestions of how to Safeguard the Environment throughout the month!

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  • Brittany

    @edward thanks for your reflection. As far as mailing TV’s you do know you don’t have to pay for the postage right? Gazelle pays for it- if that was possibly your reason for not wanting to send something in.
    For anyone interested in supporting Busted Halo who may not want to do the gadget drive there are several ways to contribute found at http://www.bustedhalo.com/donate

  • Edward Peters

    Yes recycle your goods, great idea that is tough to work, I had hoped what turns out to be ‘gazelle’ would be a clearing house for finding what your local municipality offers (I don’t think I’ll be mailing any T.V.’s soon.)
    I like belonging to busted halo,and would like to contribute somehow.I first found out about you on a job search(Are you still looking for contributors?)
    I will tell my nephew in law you are on Serius radio , and …give this reflexion on a recently heard sermon: “The couple were to attend a wedding party, the quests were too bring wine to help fill the common bowl that would provide the refreshments,they were cheaters and said what would our one bottle of water matter to all that wine, it turns out all the guests had cheated, and the punch was not wine, ah… I thought later as the cars ignored the ambulance in emergency mode: nice when you listen to a sermon and it speaks back to you.

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