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May 30th, 2013

Busted Halo Summer School 2013

Class is in session! We’re answering questions of faith about God, Catholic beliefs, Church teaching as it relates to modern living, and much more!


Over the next four weeks Busted Halo® is headed into the classroom for a session of summer school. In the tradition of the Busted Halo® Question Box, we’ll answer questions about God, Catholic beliefs, Church teaching as it relates to modern living, and much more. You’ll be learning, doing a little homework (don’t worry — it won’t be too difficult), and digging deeper into your faith. This will probably lead to more questions! You can send your questions of faith to our Summer School Contest and be eligible for a weekly prize (more on that later) or e-mail questionbox@bustedhalo.com. (These aren’t eligible for a prize — sorry!)

How Summer School works

Each day, that day’s link in the Summer School calendar will start working, leading to a question of faith and its answer. During Summer School we will give away a weekly prize to the person who submits the best question of faith, as determined by the Busted Halo® staff. The weekly winner will receive an Amazon Kindle (Wi-Fi, 6-inch display).

Entries must be accompanied by both e-mail and snail mail addresses. (Don’t worry, this info won’t be given out to anyone; it just makes it easier to track contestants and winners.) See the complete contest rules here.

All you need to do to enter each week is come back to our calendar, open a day and fill out an entry form, including a new question of faith. You can enter once each week (Sunday-Saturday).

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  • Thumper’s Mom

    I love this idea! I can’t begin to thank you enough for all you’ve done for me. You’ve been absolutely instrumental in bringing me back to my Catholic faith. i’ve faced some terrible losses over the past couple of years — my mother died, my favorite dog died, another beloved dog died, and I’ve lost 2 jobs — but, thanks so much to you for having helped me move forward with my deep — almost hidden — desire to return to God through my Catholicism, I have survived all of this.
    However, I still think that you’re missing the boat as to how many people’s lives outside of the “young adult” category you are positively impacting! I’m 55, feel much younger inside (don’t we all?!), and am thrilled to find a place where I feel like I belong — with you folks at Busted Halo and a wonderful Church with a great priest (which I wouldn’t have found it it hadn’t been for you!). You do so much for so many!

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