Busted Halo
January 17th, 2009

The Obama Megastore

Marc Adams' second installment in his Washington DC video blog


In this second installment of his video blog from Washington DC during inauguration festivities, contributing editor Marc Adams visits the Inauguration Superstore.

The Author : Marc Adams
Marc Adams is a contributing editor at BustedHalo.com. He writes from Washington DC.
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  • chris bresky

    For one, from one Torrero to another.. Mr. Marc Adams you rock. I was there in D.C. for the big day and it was electric. If it is helping people in a time of economic hurt why the fuss? I in no way believe we are creating a false god anymore than our everyday capitalistic society bows to the all holy dollar.

    we can be pessimistic and call it pathetic… or really stand back and say wow. Not only can Obama’s face sell a lot of crap… but when have we as a people had so much collective hope for an elected official? I don’t see any Obama Golden Calf, or a Tower of Babel Obama Pin.

    What I DO see is the first black president of the usa, a choice of the people signifying change…who happens to be young, attractive and hip enough to sell a shirt or 100.

  • Amy Davenport

    Hasn’t Obama become a false God? Doesn’t Christ warn us not to follow “false gods and icons”? This mania is really unsettling. People are really looking for Christ, and need to start taking responsibility for their own life and actions and look for the Holy Spirit, not a President.

  • Ireneusz

    as much as I like Obama, this is pathetic.

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