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December 31st, 2009

Where’s God? ep4 — 66 Chevy Impala

Seeking the sacred dimensions of daily life


Faith, spirituality and religion are too often looked upon as the province of “experts” who spend all their time in places of worship with their noses buried deep in holy books. At BustedHalo.com we frequently hear from readers who desperately want to explore their spiritual questions but feel alienated from traditional faith communities. The fact of the matter is that the experience of sacredness is as unique and personal as our fingerprints, but we sometimes fail to recognize these moments as God’s way of speaking to us in our everyday lives.

“Where’s God?” is our attempt to look more imaginatively at the movement of grace in each of our lives and chronicle the countless different ways God is at work. We hope that Joey Kilrain’s experience of finding God in a 1966 Chevy Impala will inspire others to realize that it doesn’t take an “expert” to see God’s presence in their own lives.

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We hope to shoot more segments in the near future, so we encourage readers to share where God is for them below.

Originally published February 1, 2009.

The Author : Bill McGarvey
Bill McGarvey is co-author of Busted Halo’s Freshman Survival Guide. Bill was editor-in-chief of Busted Halo for six year. In addition to having written extensively on the topics of culture and faith for NPR, Commonweal, America, The Tablet (in London), Factual (Spain), Time Out New York, and Book magazine, McGarvey is a singer/songwriter whose music has been critically acclaimed by the New York Times, Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, Billboard and Performing Songwriter. You can follow him at his website billmcgarvey.com or on Facebook.com/billmcgarvey
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  • db KY

    Amazing tribute, Its good to have that car so that when you see it you see the good times you and him had together.

    Peace be with you

  • grandmon&grandpop

    Joseph what a wonderful tribute for Robert. Robert is with you. I miss his beatiful face and his ways. God takes only the best… Love you Joseph.
    God bless you- grandmon&Grandpop Whyno

  • Renee

    Joseph, this was really nice. He’s with you everyday in more ways then you think.

  • Helen & Gary Brown


    What a wonderful Job !!!!! Well Done

    Robert will always be missed. He will sit on your shoulders as your guardian angel.

  • Kevin

    Thank you for the powerful video. Your passion for your brother and family is clearly shown. Your awareness of God’s presence with you at this time helps me look more for God in my life. Thank you again.

  • Nancy

    Joseph that was so nice to see Robert. IT made me cry and I can see how happy he was over that car. I wish he was still here to drive it around . I miss him too Joseph . aunt Nancy

  • Nancy

    It was so nice seeing Rob smiling. Joseph you did a really nice thing. Rob is with you all and he is watching over all of you.

  • Lucille Walker

    Joseph this is wonderful. I cried my eyes out because I saw Robert smiling and I remember this. This was so nice of you to tell this story. Some people won’t under the meaning behind this, but, I do. I love you and I miss and love Robert very much. Love Mom

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