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July 24th, 2008
Word on the Street : Celebrity Obsessions

“Why do you think people are so fixated on celebrities?”

Sergio, 23
"Because they make a lot of money, plain and simple. And we see that as very desirable. I believe that the need is to watch that and to hopefully someday, somehow, we can get to that place. They're our fantasy. Just for a second while we watch some of these shows, we imagine ourselves in their shoes, and soaking in their jacuzzi."
Connie, 40
"I think it's an illusion. Especially young people who are looking for their own identities they see what they THINK these celebrities have, and they want it for themselves and it may or may not be what it seems. Everybody wants a hero. I do think we place some people on a pedestal, and sometimes that creates too much pressure on them, and they can't stay there."
Laura, 20
"We like to watch other people. We're bored with our everyday lives. I think it's interesting, but I wish we didn't place such an emphasis on the lives of celebrities."
Emily, 20
"Everybody wants to be perfect. Everybody is looking for an excuse to be perfect, and if you have someone to look at who's perfect, that's who you can compare yourself to them."

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