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February 11th, 2006
Word on the Street : Defining Love

“Do you believe in love? How would you define it? What examples have you seen in your life?”

Louis, 22
I have been in love. I knew it because I couldn't eat.
Dan, 25
I am in love right now and have been for about a year. Love is about being able to be with someone without violating them and vice versa. I think you know when you are comfortable and can feel settled.
Lara, 26
I've been in love several times. I think when you're in love something just feels right. You'd cross all measures to be with that person or do for them.
Darren, 18
I've been in love. I think I knew it because the thought of being without this person hurt too much.
Anna, 18
I haven't been in love with another person. I think, though, it's just a gut feeling and you must just know.
Erik, 22
I no longer believe in love. It's not something I'm interested in and I don't think it's even there. My parents are in "love." Sure they act like they care for each other, but I simply don't think it is real.

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