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September 12th, 2007
Word on the Street : Faith and Politics

To what degree should religion play a role in government?

Edward, 25
I don't think it should have any role in politics at all. I think that they should be separate. I do feel that if certain churches or religions want to do things for the community like help homeless, I think that the government should definitely help out, at least maybe a tax cut or something. But as a whole, I think that they need to be separate.
Sarah, 22
"I wouldn't say that I've put a great deal of effort into it but I think to me it's most interesting as an element of culture where I think it's interesting to see how it plays into other people's world views so I think that the answer is not a lot but I think it's an interesting subject."
Shauna, 28
I don't think that it should be ignored because it is a huge part of who most people are in America, but I don't think it should be the dominant force behind political decisions, so I don't think that one religion should dominate laws or legislation. I think it should be more of a guidance of morals and ethics than anything else."
Seth, 20
I believe that at the heart of all major religions there are questions of morality and questions of our human existence. I think that should also be the heart of any true democracy and any government that is really worth its salt. On the other hand, religion is a different thing. Religions have become so separated over the years, so when we talk about specific religions and how they relate to specific governments, I feel that we get in trouble sometimes. I think that if we can step back and have perspective and realize that all major religions are trying to teach the same things, they're trying to raise their consciousness and awareness about issues about how we live, I think that should definitely be incorporated into any kind of government."
Doug, 23
That's a tough question. I mean, it's generally been accepted to keep the two separated, I think in order to keep it equal and what this country's based on, having everyone have their own rights and opinions and to believe what they want to believe, you have to keep the two separate to some extent because if one religion or faith outweighs another or it has more say then you're obviously being discriminative toward another culture or religion."

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