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September 5th, 2007
Word on the Street : Faith, Doubt and Mother Teresa

A recent collection of Mother Teresa’s correspondence revealed that she doubted her faith for 50 years. Do you ever question your faith?

Doug, 23
"Yes, I think it's only natural for someone to question their own faith, whatever it may be. Faith is a word in itself that means you cannot see so you have to trust on your senses or what you believe in. I question my faith all the time."
Sarah, 22
"A little bit. I just moved to New York three months ago and all of my roommates are Orthodox Jews and I'm Jewish but I've never been anywhere near orthodox, so living with them has made me more aware of Jewish traditions that I wouldn't normally think of and definitely seeing them be engaged in them has made me think a bit more about what role I want religion to play a role in my life, so yes."
Edward, 25
"No, nothing in particular has happened to me anyway but as I've learned from politics since I'm huge into politics and how the government works, I've realized that everything that might be written down in the Bible or whatever might not be one hundred percent accurate, so I kind of go on with my life thinking that doing good things for people will in turn, come back to me."
Seth, 20
"Well I look around me and I see the things that I'm doing in my life, the places that I'm going, the people that I'm meeting and then I always have to gauge myself off of those things and come back to myself and figure out what I believe in and whether or not the things that I'm doing and the goals that I have are coexisting with the things that I believe."
Shauna, 28
"I used to, but at this point, I feel pretty set in what I think; I'm always open into listening to what other people have to say, but no, I don't question it anymore."

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