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June 15th, 2007
Word on the Street : Father’s Day

In your opinion, what makes a truly good father?

Catherine, 26
"I think that I have a truly good father. The thing that I've always appreciated the most from him is that he really wants my sisters and I to make our own mistakes. But he helps us through mistakes and decisions. I think that has allowed us to mature and be able to relate to him but not feel like he is determining what we do."
Cesar, 21
"Just time…spending time with the kids. It's not just money or just saying, ‘oh, I love you.' It's kind of like being a good friend as well as a father. That's what makes a good dad. My dad was never really there a lot. He was always there financially. He gave me money whenever I needed it. He sent me wherever I wanted to go but he never really took the time to hang out as a friend. He cares a lot but I think that if he could have been there more as a friend, it would have made everything a lot better."
Sara, 20
"A good father is a father who takes care of his family financially and emotionally and is just there whenever you need him. My father is a great father but he did leave when I was pretty young. He comes back now and then. I don't know. He could have been better but he still loves me. I know he does. And I love him."
Orlando, 26
"A good father helps the children when they need it and supports the family not only by money but by giving advice and always staying as a family. For me, my father is very important because he is still alive and I still see him and he has always supported me. Now I'm helping him. Before he used to help me. I am so proud of my father."
Felipe, 27
"In my opinion, it's someone who gives you an education and shows you how to be a good person and have a good character. I had good opportunities because of my father and my mother as well. They gave me a good education. They gave me opportunities to live outside of the country [Brazil] and learn other cultures so that I could manage my life by myself. And now I have a job by myself. I'm traveling as a tourist now. I'm paying my bills. My father gave me a lot of knowledge and education to build my character and be as I am today."
Judith, 35
"Somebody who is going to be there for their children and support them. You brought them into this world. You gotta help them out and make them become a better person in life. If you walk away from them then you don't deserve to be a father. You should be ashamed of yourself. I don't have a father. He's still alive but he never did anything for me. I never knew him. It kills you morally. Every time you think about it, it hurts."
Denise, 28
"I think a good father is someone who takes care of his responsibility around the house and spends as much time as he can with his child. There are so many different things. I think that a father should do all the necessary things that he needs to do like take care of the bills and be there with his family. I didn't really know my father. I wish I did. But he passed away years ago so I really don't have any memories of him."

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