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September 26th, 2007
Word on the Street : Finding Peace

How do you find peace and balance in your life?

Doug, 23
"I think peace is an interesting word and how you define it; I do what makes me happy. I play music, I enjoy hanging out with friends, I work (earn money) and that gives me a sense of peace in its own way, I think."
Seth, 20
"Living in New York, it can be hard, but I have a lot of ways. I do yoga and I practice meditation and I also like spending time in the parks and outdoors, or the beach. I also like to read books; everyday is a little bit different."
Edward, 25
"Well, right now, I just go home and lie in bed and watch T.V.-that's what I do, I do that a lot actually (laughs)."
Sarah, 22
"By taking time away from my work and away from everything that's happening and try to relax and be alone, whether that's reading or eating lunch outside."
Lagosfulpe, 22
"In the USA, I find the peace, I was working in a camp, a peace camp, it was in a free nature and I loved it. After that, I came here to New York and I was like wow amazing! I've spent about six days here and then I'm going to Miami and I will find more peace."
Nichole, 34
"By carving out time to do things that I really enjoy with people I really enjoy doing them with."
Shauna, 28
"By spending time with people that I love, coming out and sitting on the streets of New York even though most people wouldn't understand that if they're not from here, and I'm a teacher, so working with kids helps center me and helps me stay young. I think staying young is a good way of finding peace in your life."

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