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May 10th, 2005
Word on the Street: Gender Bias
by and Sheila Hilliard

Do you think men in our society still have an advantage over women?

Shevon, 19
"I actually just wrote a paper about this. The facts and statistics are amazing. Women are definitely behind in the work force, but the situation is improving, so I guess that's all you can ask for. In relationships too, I think men have the upper hand sometimes."

BH: Have you experienced that?
"Of course not. (laughs) A lot of women in relationships are afraid to speak their minds and they don't assert themselves."
Morgan, 17 (left) -- Courtney, 17 (right)
Morgan: "I think men are still winning, but women aren't far behind."

Courtney: "Women are definitely stepping up. There are a lot of situations where women have more power over men. In relationships I think it's equal because when people love each other they don't try to hold the other person back. In the work place we still have some work to do, though."
Nicholas, 20 (left)
"One place I think women have an extreme advantage over men is in the court system. Any lawsuit or arrest a female will win over the male. I think there is discrimination in the workforce, but it depends on the type of job. When it comes down to the real critical, difficult parts of a job, I think men are less likely to trust women. I'm not saying they're not just as capable, but that prejudice still exists eventhough people might not realize it consciously. CEOs and Executives are still mostly men, though, so I guess that says something."
Gregory, 20
"I think women have an advantage over men. Society looks to women for jobs that are more creative and innovative. I also think that women have to work twice as hard to get there though."
Frank, 26
"Women run everything. They control everything with their God given abilities, their sexuality."

BH: You think women use their sexuality to get ahead in society?

"Absolutely. They're still held back a bit in the workplace, though. Their sexuality can hurt them in the workplace too, because men are threatened by beautiful women."

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