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October 30th, 2006
Word on the Street : Halloween

Do you like Halloween? Is there anything you would not dress up as or you consider to just be wrong?

Dave, 33
"I'm not that big a fan of Halloween. I grew up here in New York City and I was mugged once on Halloween and I saw a friend get chased down the street by 20 guys dressed as ninjas. So it just feels like the time of year that criminals are allowed to put on masks and have complete and utter run of the city. I did [dress up for Halloween] as a kid all the time…I don't like to see adults wearing costumes that, in my mind, are intended for children. I think adults should celebrate the holiday differently and a little more creatively if they are going to be doing it. It seems to be a trend that Halloween is used as an excuse to dress in a particular way that some see as degrading. But people do what they want to do."
Carlton, 22
"It doesn't mean what it used to mean. Now it's just a reason for kids to go out and get candy. I think a lot of times people put too much thought into small things like that. I think that if people studied a lot of Christian holidays, they would find it doesn't match up with history either. People just go along with the mainstream without having their own thoughts. I think it's fine. I dressed up when I was a kid. Now, not too much. I will probably work on Halloween. I've seen some pretty nasty [costumes] but I think it's funny. I'm a pretty fun person so not much offends me. But I think when you are in an environment where you are around kids, some things are inappropriate."
Evan, 21
"It's my favorite holiday of the year. I probably wouldn't be a princess. For Halloween I like to go very horror-themed—dark and deathly. That is what Halloween is to me. I wouldn't do any costumes with pink in them or with crowns."
Junior, 21
"I like Halloween. I enjoy seeing people dressed up. I just don't do it…You are free to do whatever you want to do. That's the day you can do whatever you want. If [a guy] wants to dress like a girl, [he] can do it."
Hamza, 20
"Yeah, I like Halloween. I like watching other people dress up but I don't dress up myself. It's a fun occasion. You gotta have some days like this in a year because everyone is working so much. I don't dress up because I don't know what to wear or how to do it. I wouldn't ever do those gothic costumes with the long hair and make-up. But it's Halloween, so everyone has their own opinions on what they would and wouldn't wear. As long as [the costume] is not showing any nudity, [people] can wear whatever they want to wear."
Fran, 17
"I don't celebrate Halloween. I was raised as a Jehovah's Witness and [Halloween] is a pagan holiday. I don't really follow that anymore. I consider it my mother's religion. But because of the way I was raised, I don't salute the flag or celebrate Halloween. Sometimes I think it's just an excuse just to dress silly. Some people just wear skimpy things and there is no need for that. But I don't think there is anything wrong with Halloween. I've seen some crazy things… Somebody once had a shirt on that said ‘rapist' and then somebody had a shirt that said, ‘rapee' and their shirt was ripped. It was supposed to be a joke but…yeah, that was a crazy one."
Borys, 21
"Yeah, I like it. I don't dress up though. In school, when I was young, I dressed up a lot. But the last two Halloweens, I was very busy. Actually, I worked on those days so I couldn't dress up or go to any parties…I don't see any problem with the costumes people wear. If a girl has a nice body, why not show it by wearing a revealing costume? There are some limits of course. But why not? There's nothing bad in this."

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