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November 20th, 2004
Word on the Street: I’m Thankful For…

BustedHalo hits the streets of New York

Christian (pictured, middle)
"I'm thankful for these guys. I'm thankful I quit smoking, but i really didn't. I'm thankful for today because it's a beautiful day out."
Bill (Fordham University Student)
"Well I grew up in a Russian American household so we'll have turkey, but it's with meat gelatin. Do you know what that is? It's that stuff in your fridge, but the Russians make it on purpose with hard boiled eggs and shredded meat. So that will be on the table instead of mac and cheese. And there's going to be vodka."
Emily (CBS-TV Employee)
"Well I'm working on Thanksgiving day, but I'm thankful that I have a job because most people don't. I work for CBS. I'm thankful for my friends and my family and all that good stuff. I get to spend the first part of my day with my family and the second part at work, so that's okay. It's not that bad so I'm thankful that I can do everything at once."
Maria (student)
"My family, my friends, and being healthy and hopefully ending school. We're going to North Carolina and gather up all the family down there. Hopefully that's what we're going to do."
Napolean (PhD Candidate)
"I'm thankful for my family being healthy this season. I'm thankful that I'm close to proving my dissertation this season. I'm looking at the effects of AIDS dementia on African Americans and Latinos. I'm thankful that people in my community are waking up. That we had such a huge voter turnout this year even though it didn't necessarily go the way I would have liked. I'm thankful that I have so many different kinds of people in my life that are beautiful."
Hussein (student)
"I'm a Muslim so I'm thankful for fasting the whole month of Ramadan."

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