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March 28th, 2007
Word on the Street : Inspiration

Who is one person that you find most inspiring in your life and why?
Compiled by Marc Adams reporting from the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress.

Anthony, 18
"That would be my friend David because he helped me out in the ditch in my life. There was one point where I just didn't want to live anymore. I didn't want anything to do with life and he just talked to me and told me I'm worth something. And that really hit me and inspired me to get more involved in church and also to come more."
Sabreena, 17
"My mom because she's been on her own with my brother and I for a really long time now. And everything that she has had to go through and do for my brother and I has really inspired me to be more like her and do what she does."
Lizzy, 17
"My friend Eileen whom I've known since kindergarten because she's just really accepting of everybody no matter who they are and she always opens herself up to everyone and never gets into other people's business. I really admire that about her."
Mark Anthony, 18
"My grandma. God bless her. She is in the hospital sick. She's the one who taught me how to pray and all that. She's an influential part of my life."
Robbie, 14
"Probably my father because of all the stuff he's done and how he just gets up and goes to work and how he drives everywhere just to work and make money and how he supports our family."
Kyle, 19
"My dad because he went through some of the same things that I'm going through and he stayed away from those [bad] friends and looked to older people and got in touch with God. He just kept away from the bad stuff in life."
Samantha, 17
"My friend Sasha because she was battling cancer ever since she was little. Unfortunately she lost the battle last year. But it was so inspiring because she just kept going even though she had the sickness and she could have stayed home and cried about it. But she didn't. She just kept pursuing, wanting to get everything done."

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