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December 14th, 2007
Word on the Street : Interfaith Relationships

“Have you ever dated someone outside of your own personal faith, and if so, what were the challenges?”

Adrian, 23
"It didn't really become so serious that it was a challenge, but I knew he would have issues in the long run of becoming more serious with someone who wasn't in his faith. But that's definitely not what broke us up."
Meyer, 28
"Yes I have, and the challenges are standing up for your faith and keeping your faith alive because there are so many temptations. Also, keep strong in what you believe; don't let anyone change your head."
Dorothy, 45
"Yes, as a matter of fact my partner is Jewish and I was raised Catholic. And it's not challenging; I find it to be rewarding to learn a different person's faith and be exposed to different values and traditions. So we are both very inclusive of each other's traditions and heritage."
Christine, 27
"I have been in an interfaith relationship but it did not have any more or less challenges besides the regular relationship issues."
Omar, 27
"Yes, but I don't have a personal faith, so that's pretty easy."
Matt, 22
"Actually i have not been in a relationship with someone of a different faith, but that doesn't mean that i wouldn;t it just hasn't happened for me yet. But I don't think it will be a problem."

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  • Nancy in Houston

    Robyn or Brett:
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  • Nancy in Houston

    “You’re not whispering…” (ha)
    and you retort?…”
    Aha, it’s YOU!
    Where are our Tamales?…you ….you…Tex-Mex Tease?”
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    May I have an e-mail of the address…
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    I will wail ’till Mondayyp ship overnight. I know ya’ll (Mr “I got a compliment for being consistantly courteous and ’cause you’re picked on?!?. No we aren’t personal friends…bur Scorpios can smell a “Lightening Rod” for hi-jinks from here (Houston) to Manhattan…and I really am fond of YOU!, The whole skinny package. So much for all that!

    I have the order saved on my e-mail…just plaese shoot me the address one more time?

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