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April 6th, 2006
Word on the Street : Jesus

“What do you think Jesus’ message was? Do you think his death was important?”

Mahadeo, 20
Well, I think Jesus came to teach people how to live on earth. If you look at the scripture in the Bible, everything he says, he says in a way to make life more meaningful. He gives us the commands to live by. Basically, he wanted to give us the way to live a good life. I think his death was important because it was the end of all sacrifice. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve commit sin. And the only way to pay back for sin is to sacrifice. So, Jesus came on earth as the Messiah. He was the final sacrifice and forgave all people.
Jackie, 19
I'll say what I was taught in Sunday school: Jesus was sent to the earth for the forgiveness of sins.

Is that what you really believe?

I honestly am questioning my beliefs. That's what I was brought up with, but I'm not sure what I think. I do think that he tried to help and definitely was a good person. I do think a big part of my life I tried to follow Jesus, but some things have happened that made me question and I'm still trying to figure it out. I think his death was important because everyone's death is important and should be remembered.
Tyler, 18
I think forgiveness of sins was one of his messages and to show us the right way to live. He was an example for the rest of us. I think his death was important or we wouldn't still be talking about it. To me it's important because it's always been a huge part of my life. I've always tried to ground my life on the teachings of the Bible. I don't want to say I've always been religious, but I've always had a relationship with God.
Shaul, 35
I don't care about Jesus. Not at all. I know nothing about him and don't care about him.
James, 19
You know, I was always taught that Jesus died for our sins and if he didn't die for our sins there would be no life. So, it's very important and highly relevant. I'm a Christian and I believe in God. I think his message was universal. It was to be good and love people. I think it goes past that message, but it's sad to say that [to love and be good] is all we know about his message. I think that part of his message was that his death was important. That if Jesus didn't die for me, I wouldn't be here. I think that it's very important.
Riit, 32
I think he was a really smart person and did really good things. But, I think he really did what he believed in. He lived a good life and example. His death doesn't mean much to me because I am Jewish.

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