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June 11th, 2007
Word on the Street : Life Transitions

It is now graduation season with many students going through a major life transition. How do you handle life’s major transitions?

Darnell, 30
"I guess I don't think of big events as a manifestation of the transition. If you were at a commencement ceremony, the transition already happened. I don't have any anxiety over transitions in my life but that's probably because I'm going through some already."
Isabel, 19
"I just try to be easy going. I try to adapt to whatever is happening. Coming to college was a big change. Graduating from college will be a big change. I'm a pre-med student, so going to Med-School will be a big change. But I think that if you are going in the direction that you want to go, then I think changes are things that are good for your life."
Kenneth, 23
"Well, right now I'm a grad student so I have to live more thriftly than when I was an undergrad. It's tough but I think that this is the transition that it takes to grow up and become an adult...having to take on more of these financial decisions on your own."
Janet, 22
"I look forward to life progressing. I graduated last year so I am moving on to the next part of my life. I like moving forward and seeing what is to come. It's not much to deal with. It's just exciting to see what happens."
Beverly, 34
"I'm actually going through that transition. I just graduated myself. I usually meditate in my own way on what it is that I really want and I believe that the more I put that out into the world, the world will respond to it and the world will give me what I need."
Fr. Gabreselassie
"Well, it is human development. Yeah it's very difficult. For some people, maybe they can't get a job. For some people, maybe they get a very good job. I don't have any problem with life's transitions because it's not really new to me. I've had a lot of major transitions. I develop my knowledge and understanding [through them]. It is good to be developed for me. But for others, especially young people in America, it may be a little bit difficult...sometimes confusion, sometimes frustration, sometimes excitement. Everything can be very hard."
Sarah, 19
"I look at it as a new experience, a new look on life. I appreciate the old but I look forward to the new."

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