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October 5th, 2006
Word on the Street : Moral High Ground

Do you think the U.S. has the moral high-ground in terms of its foreign policy? Why/Why not?

Jonathon, 20
"It depends on what we're talking about. As far as the war is concerned, I never really saw a real relevant need for us to go into the war. I don't think we really have a moral high-ground. I think it's more about money. The gross national debt is ridiculous right now and I don't see us doing anything where any other country could look at us and say, ‘O.K., America is doing something good.' I really don't know what we could do though to make us more just."
Jeannine, 25
"I think it wants to look moral. I don't know if it necessarily is. If there is a problem in another country we have the tendency to swoop in and do our own thing. It's like we're coming to the rescue but it's on our conditions and our terms. I feel like initially it's to make the U.S. look good but it's on our terms and we don't really respect everyone around us."
Dennis, 17
"I think in many ways it does have the moral high-ground, but we really should have thought about improving our own country, because there are plenty of problems, before going overseas and trying to help out there and trying to prevent terrorism there. Honestly, I believe terrorism cannot be stopped. It is a part of society, of life and the fact that we're [in Iraq] and we're putting that as a higher priority than our own problems is not so much immoral as it is just really inconsiderate and, in a way, ignorant."
Anna, 16
"I don't think the U.S. has the moral high-ground as of now. Right after 9/11 I think we had the high-ground when we chose to go to Afghanistan and look for the terrorists but I think we took it way too far. We are not morally just to be invading other countries because we don't agree with their foreign or domestic policies. We have enough problems in our own country to deal with that are being overshadowed by the media because it is so concentrated on international problems."
Renee, 27
"I don't think so. I don't think there are many morals in our society in general. I think about the media and how that sets it up for failure of morals. I think they thrive on violence and hate and anger. They make money off of not having morals. Think about the drug companies. There's no morals in that! It's all about making money."
Sara, 19
"I think domestically we have the moral high-ground. I believe our justice system is much more just than other countries'. I feel grateful to live here. On the other hand, in terms of foreign affairs, I think we could do a better job in not being the so called ‘international bully.' There are so many issues that we really have no business getting into and we can't force democracy on every country and send our troops to fight for something that is ultimately endless."
Brian, 19
"No because I think the news is very one-sided. You're only going to hear what they want us to hear. I don't think the citizens are aware of what is actually going on. Different countries get different news and different perspectives. If you ask an American, he might think we are doing the right thing. If you ask someone from a different country, they might think totally different. They might think we are doing the most awful thing right now."
Tanvr, 27
"I don't think one country has the moral high-ground. In terms of the U.S., it's so different. How can you say there is one base moral ground? There's not one religion. One way in which we have any say regarding morality is that we are a developed society. If you go anywhere else, you realize that people can't escape the situation they are in and this is one country that you can. It's a huge thing to say that we can come here and have a free life. However, the current administration's example of moral uprightness is not mine."

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