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May 20th, 2008
Word on the Street: Natural Disasters

“In what way are you affected by the news of natural disasters abroad?”

Zoey, 31
"There is always a difficulty in wanting to help in some way but not knowing what the best way to help is."
Alyssa, 19
"I feel helpless a lot of the time, actually. Over the last several years there have been large disasters, but if you're going to school you can’t really go out there to help them."
Danny, 36
"Particularly with the things going on now, it makes you more aware and I think it means that as a people we need to think more of our eternal destiny, where we stand, and what life is all about."
Layla, 28
"It scares me because it shows that it is true that the world is changing very quickly and very drastically. There's sure to be more devastation, natural disasters and events that are going to affect everyone.'
JayRay, 19
"Unfortunately, it feels like these disasters are too far away for me to feel too much from it. Aside from hearing it on the news, I don't feel too much of a connection to it."
Bryan, 27
"I try to make sure that I am affected, that I'm not too disconnected from what's going on, and realizing that anything that happens to anyone else—that could be me."

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