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October 18th, 2007
Word on the Street : Nuclear Weapons

How do you feel about North Korea having nuclear weapons? Does it make you nervous? What should be done about it?

Evan, 21
"It's a little frightening honestly because the dictator in North Korea is an unpredictable guy. I don't really know what he is planning on using the weapons for. But so many countries have nuclear weapons these days. Some of them are our enemies. Some of them are our friends. We have them. I can't really discriminate against which countries have them. The fact that [North Korea] is our enemy is what makes it unstable. I think it is less about what the other countries have and more about our relationships with them. I think that it would be hypocritical for the U.S., currently in a war-time state, to be saying nobody else can have these weapons. I think that as long as North Korea is going by the regulations of having these weapons and that the U.N. is on top of that and marking the progress and development of them, then it should be alright. But we definitely have to keep an eye on that."
Junior, 21
"I don't know. What can we do about it? We can't do anything. Even if they do have weapons, there's nothing that we can do. All we can do is wait and hope that they are not going to do anything to us. I really don't pay attention to that stuff. If anything is going to happen, it's going to happen, whether or not I worry about it. I just don't think about it."
Hamza, 20
"It makes the world an unsafe place but every country has their own right to develop those weapons. I think that for a country's own sovereignty, it needs nuclear weapons. It wouldn't survive without nuclear weapons. It makes me a little nervous because it is a dictatorship [in North Korea] and there is no assurance that they won't attack anybody else for their self defense or maybe just to make trouble in the world."
Yerain, 16
"Well we went into Iraq for supposed nuclear weapons. Shouldn't we do the same with North Korea? It makes me a little bit nervous cause I figure they don't like us too much."
Dave, 33
"I'm concerned but in a fairly removed way. I don't feel like it might have been for my parents or those growing up in the fifties where these reports would create a hysteria. I think there are so many global problems, all of which indicate a deteriorating world, that it blends in. I'm not sure what the right thing to do would be. I certainly don't think we should attack militarily. I don't think that we should evince what I think is a worldwide hostility, which I think is what is going on, that further isolates a removed country with fairly desperate leadership and desperate citizens. I think, as with most countries, that the situation is improved most by improving the lives of the citizens in North Korea and if they are part of the world community, then they are less likely to be a threat to the world community."
Fran, 17
"I didn't even know about it so that is surprising. I believe that anybody can have tools of warfare to protect themselves. I'm not upset that they have them. It makes me nervous not knowing what they are using it for and to potentially harm others. The U.S. seems to meddle in others' business most of the time so I don't know if it's the responsibility of the U.S. or the U.N. in general to do something and maybe ask them what they are using it for."
Borys, 21
"I think it's really really dangerous now with the situation in the world. I'm scared that our president will do some foolish things. He can now find a reason to send troops to Korea. I'm afraid it will get worse in America and the world. I'm not optimistic. The right thing to do is to find some other smart way of dealing with this situation. Violence has been used and has been proven to be dangerous. We should try to find some other ways to solve this problem. I think we have to use Japan as an example of how to act."
Carlton, 22
"I just feel it is something that we can't really control. I mean, I don't think anybody should have it. It shouldn't be necessary but it's definitely something that we can't control. Of course it makes me nervous. What should happen, which is unrealistic and totally a dream, is that everyone should just dismantle them all and say, ‘What do we need these for? What are we doing?' Why would you ever need to blow up a whole city or a whole country? It's pretty ridiculous when you think about it."

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