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October 23rd, 2004
Word on the Street: Ohio on My Mind

On Election Day 2004 all eyes were on the state of Ohio, where some voters stood in line for hours to cast their presidential vote. Busted Halo asked some young voters in Columbus, the state capitol, for their thoughts on the outcome of this year’s presidential election.

Britta Hulsether, 20 Nursing Student
Voted For: Bush, Why: Since I'm into medical things, I thought that with Kerry as president our medical costs would go up. And plus Edwards made his living by being an ambulance chaser.
Pritchard, 29, Paramedic
Voted For: Kerry, Why: I agreed with the invasion of Afghanistan but not Iraq. I think the outcome of the election will be bad for this country in two ways: We're stuck in Iraq and we can't leave now. Plus it is bad for our country's economy. Bush basically won by fear and discrimination. I don't think he would have done so well in Ohio if people weren't also voting on Issue 1. I think Issue 1 got a lot of people out to vote.
Dan Valdivia, 20 College Junior
Voted For: Bush, Why: I think we should let him finish what he started, plus I'm not very liberal. I'm not for all of this gay rights stuff.
Meredith Cole, 19 Nursing Student
Voted For: Didn't vote, Why: I didn't feel like I knew enough about either one of the candidates and I felt that I shouldn't vote if I wasn't informed.
Mara Schwarz, 20 Instrument Repair Technician
Voted For: Kerry, Why: I voted for Kerry primarily because of women's rights. I think women should have choices. I think Kerry stood for more tolerance and a more peace ful world. Basically I voted for him to get Bush out.
Dan Marshall, 24, Student
Voted For: Kerry, Why: I didn't want our country to be overtaken by the religious right. Bush is basically outsourcing our electoral process to companies who have enough money to influence the results of the election. angel"

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