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October 13th, 2005
Word on the Street : Parents

“How well do you get along with your parents?”

Amanda, 22
My parents and I don't get along. They come from an "old school" Polish background. They don't really speak English, so we really don't get along. We don't see eye to eye, and I left home when I was 17. I've been living on my own essentially since then. They come from a very old culture where you practically own your children and that's it. They were very strict, sending me to Catholic school, wouldn't let me drive a car and wouldn't really let me have friends until I was in ninth grade. So, we don't really get along.
Brian, 21
That's a hard question. I get along pretty well with my mother. The best I could. We're more like friends.
Alison, 19
I don't live at home, but I talk to my father; he's my only parent. But we get along fine. He's not too invasive. I talk to him when I feel like talking to him and see him once a week. Plus he's my doctor, so I see him whenever I have a medical issue.
Xiomara, 19
I still live with my mom. I get along with her but sometimes she just worries and thinks I'm a little girl.
Kristin, 22
I get along with my parents really well. My mom had me right after she turned 20 years old. I can tell her anything. She's like one of my best friends.
Marco, 27
My parents and I get along really well. The thing is that when they fight amongst themselves the child still feels torn. You want to help your mom or want to fight with your [dad] or shower them with communication. But for me personally I get along with both of them really well.
Pete, 21 (picture not available)
I get along fairly well with mom and haven't spoken to my dad in years.

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