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June 21st, 2007
Word on the Street : Prayer

Do you pray or meditate? If so, how?

Sara, 20
"I do pray. I don't really know what to, but I do pray [laughter]. I think everyone prays in their own way. I don't do yoga or meditate but I definitely pray at night whenever I really need something or feel thankful."
Cesar, 21
"Well I pray every night before I go to bed. I kind of talk to God…very conversational. I just talk to him like He's a friend. I also pray before games and before shows, just to ask him to help me relax and to help everything go well."
Felipe, 27
"I do that by myself. I don't go to church and pray. I talk to God in my way. When I have to tell Him something, I tell Him but by myself. I don't usually go to church to do that. I don't like to pray to ask for something. I like to talk to Him and tell Him how things are going. I know that He is watching, but sometimes through telling Him how things are going, He can better show me the right way to do things."
Judith, 35
"I don't pray. I guess when I was younger and living with my parents I did, but when I got older, I stopped. I meditate a lot. I meditate by reflecting on things and changes and things I'd like to have, things I want to do, and places I'd like to go. I also meditate on how I would change things if I had the chance."
Catherine, 26
"Certainly not praying. But a big part of yoga is meditating and I do yoga at least a few times a week. Meditation is a part of the beginning and end of the class. Some people also feel like yoga is just one big meditation session."
Orlando, 26
"When I'm home, I pray a little louder. I do meditation in the Tae Kwon Do class that I'm talking. We always have five minutes to meditate. I just meditate in silence. It makes me relaxed. It makes my mind clearer. And it takes the stress out of my body."
Denise, 28
"I pray. I pray almost every night before I go to bed and I read the Bible because I am Christian and I do believe in God. So I pray to the higher power. And I believe He's real. Maybe things just happen naturally. But I know that when I pray, things start to really work their way out."

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