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February 15th, 2007
Word on the Street : Protest

Have you ever been to a protest or political rally? If so, what was that like? What issues would cause you to protest?

Mark, 30
;">Mark, 30

"I have. I think it was uplifting for me just to be able to be in the midst of a rally and to just place myself in the middle of a cause. I think that's something different. It's easy to sit at home and be on the fence but I think that when you actually stand out there, you're saying that I really believe this or I really believe that. Ex-offender issues would drive me to a protest, making sure ex-offenders have housing. Homelessness. As a matter of fact, I'm planning a rally for some homeless folks who are having services cut away from them like showers and various things because of an economic development project that is turning a church into condominiums. They wont have showers or employment training and all the things that they have now for about three years. So I'm planning a rally right now with homeless folks to bring light to that particular issue."

Yvonne, 22
"Yeah. Quite a few actually. I went to Cornell University and it's a pretty active campus. I went to the Iraqi War Protest. Right now I think there are a lot of international issues going on like more troops being sent to Iraq which I think is a real big tragedy but I think really people need to get more involved in their community issues like making sure that children are safe in their community and that children have activities to do and just keeping children out of trouble. For me it's really interesting to go to protests and rallies and see the type of different people that turn out and hear what different people have to say. And I think it's important because we're in America and we can [protest] and not a lot of people can say that. I think any opportunity we have to express ourselves is important."
Danielle, 23
"No. I would probably go to a protest on issues dealing with women, like abortion. I feel really strongly about that. There was a time recently when George Bush was talking about getting rid of the woman's right to choose and that's something that I don't think any man should be able to take away from a woman. So I would probably want to protest that if that ever got serious. And although I'm not homosexual, I have friends who are and I would probably go to some sort of protest to support homosexuality and gay marriage because I think love is love and I don't think anyone should be able to tell someone who they can marry and who they can't. I mean, this is the United States of America."
Luis, 21
"Yes...at my college campus for Darfur. It was pretty interesting. We tried to get 400 kids to represent all the people that had been killed. I don't know if it made a huge impact but at least I tried to make a contribution and I felt like I was doing something. I think when people are being disenfranchised or when their beliefs are being disenfranchised, that's definitely a reason to get out and stand out and do something about it."
Gesus, 20
"To be honest, not yet. They usually happen when I'm not around. But I always catch them on TV. I'm not really sure of what I would want to express out to the public [through a protest]. It just never hit me what I need to yell out to the world and what we have to think about and change."
Nicole, 23
"I've definitely been around them. I went to NYU and there was a lot of stuff like that going on. But no, I've never actually been to a protest. I've never really ever felt passionate enough about anything to protest it. I do feel passionately and would protest for woman's rights, pro-choice and things like that. That personally affects me so deeply. I feel sort of hypocritical going to a protest for something that I don't know much about or have a personal connection to. But women's rights and pro-choice is something that I feel a very deep connection to and I would fight for my right to choose and my right to live my life the way I want to."
Yohana, 18
"No, but I've seen them. There are no causes that would drive out to a protest. It's just not in my interest."

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