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January 3rd, 2004
Word on the Street: Same Sex Marriages

Do you think same-sex marriages will be made legal in your lifetime?

Tullivan, 20

BH: Do you think the Church will ever accept that?

"I'm not sure because I don't really know how to define what the Catholic Church is. I think of the Vatican and right wing Congressman. Do I ever think the Church will? Maybe. I think it will definitely be legalized way before the Church changes their opinion, but I don't think like Congressman who are against gay marriage will ever change."
Jason, 27
"Yes. Absolutely."
Morgan, 19 (left) -- Casey, 20 (right)
Morgan: "Yes, within the next five years I bet."

Casey: "Oh, I'd say more like twenty. I think it's going to be very slow. I think it will be state by state. Everyone isn't going to just change their minds all at once."
Chris, 29
"Yes I do. I wish it were now, but maybe in five or ten years."
Sophie, 26 (left) -- Robert, 26 (right)
Sophie: "It's hard for us to say because we don't know anything different"

Robert: "I think it would be hard for different states to accept it. Some will accept it and hopefully others will follow."
Sarah, 22 (left) -- Charlotte, 22 (right)
"Yes. It will still be quite far into the future, but I think that it should happen."

BH: What kind of ramifications do you think that would have?

"There will be a lot of people, especially older people, who won't agree with it."

"It will take a while, but people will get used to it."

"I think there's a generation gap when it comes to this issue."
Maureen, 36
Yeah, probably within the next ten years.
Frank, 30
"It is legal now."

BH: What about on a national level?

"Not while Bush is in office (haha)"

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