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January 23rd, 2008
Word on the Street : Spiritual Resolutions

“Did you make any resolutions regarding your spiritual, religious or faith life this year?”

Logan, 20
"Well basically just try not to succeed with things that people in the world think are successful and grow closer to God in His way, not the way the world wants me too."
Collette, 20
"My New Year's resolution is the same as it is every day which is to grow closer to God, and to never leave the house without reading the word God. The Bible says in Matthew 4:4 that 'we should not live on bread alone, but every word that proceeded from the mouth of God.' So, in that case, bread is not only just what you eat, but bread is your spiritual food. If you leave your house without food then you're starving. So every morning I have to get that food, my breakfast, spiritually."
Mary, 18
"I'm against resolutions because I think you should set goals throughout the entire year instead of using January 1st as an arbitrary date to make resolutions."
Timoan, 20
> "To get a strong connection with God, but I've been doing that so its like, basically there is none. Resolution to me is like 'Come on, you shoulda been doing this regardless.'"
Nega, 22
"To hope for the best in the forthcoming year, and to wish everyone, and friends and family a healthy and happy year."
Lysee, 31
"To continue being as spiritual as I am. I'm blessed. I'm very blessed. I try to be in tune with the universe and with God, and with all the blessings that I have every day."

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