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June 29th, 2007
Word on the Street : Spirituality

What is the most spiritual aspect of your typical week?

Felipe, 27
"Where I live in San Paulo Brazil, it's to get together with your friends because after a hard day of work, for me, its very good to meet my friends to relax, to talk, to laugh, and to drink. That's the relaxing time of my day."
Orlando, 26
"I find the most spiritual aspect of my week is my family because we go to church almost every Sunday. We pray and give thanks that we're still alive. We also pray for our friends."
Sara, 20
"Well, I'm really not that spiritual and I wish I was more. I still haven't found that point in my life where I can be spiritual. I mean mostly inside myself I wish I could find it. But I don't know. I think it kinda has to come naturally. It depends on the person."
Judith, 35
"I'm not a spiritual person. That doesn't mean I don't follow all the morals and values and stuff like that. I guess I'm not in the same space as everyone else. I have my own judgments, my own thinking, and my own questions."
Denise, 28
"I think everyday I learn something new cause I really don't know much about myself. And everyday I learn something new about myself. So I guess as time goes by, I get to figure out new things and new aspects."
Cesar, 21
"I guess it's just faith. I'm all about faith. I just graduated and I was kinda worried about finding a job. I had a lot of doubts about myself [while in school] and I kinda wanted to drop out. But I stuck it out and finished. And I was just praying and I had faith and now I have two jobs and everything is going pretty good for me so far."
Catherine, 26
"I certainly don't participate in any formalized institutional practices. I do a lot of yoga. I think my father gave me a really strong sense of political activism. So I really find my sense of connection with other people and other souls through political engagement. I would say that that is where I find my spirituality."

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