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January 2nd, 2005
Word on the Street: Steroids

What do you think of the current steroid scandal? Does it reflect a cheater’s mentality in our society?

Austin, 21
"Well it definitely breaks tradition and I think it's a disgrace to the game. There needs to be better screening and more laws need to be passed."

BH: Do you think cheating has become an accepted element for success?

"Of course. It's all about the big money, big contracts, the big show and no one's doing it for the fun of it anymore. They just want to win and if that means cheating so be it."
Carissa, 19
"With the times being as they are, moral values mean very little. I'm sure steroid use had been going on for a long time but it has just come to the surface now. It's like cheating in anything. A lot of people cheat, but only some of them get caught. I think it's terrible that people have to find ways to supposedly be at the top when there are other ways through hard work. The other problem is, sometimes you just have to know when to quit. When you get old you can't play baseball anymore."

BH: Do you think it's unfortunate that issues like this have to depend on legislation instead of personal integrity to be resolved?

"There is no control. People don't think, 'I shouldn't do this,' they think, 'Well if I can get away with it then I will.' They have to make laws instead of conscience taking over."
Alana, 22 (right) -- Jean, 22 (left)
Alana: "I think drugs have become a crutch. Legal or illegal our society has become way too dependent on them and the sad fact is that people want to deny reality."

BH: Do you think there's a moral aspect to using performance enhancing drugs?

Jean: "I think people are just being lazy. It's not so much cheating as a way to avoid actual work. It's the same with any diet plan. They'd rather see results with as little effort possible than working hard."
Matt, 22 (right) -- Pega, 22 (left)
Matt: "I've played in sports before and as far as cheating to get ahead is concerned I don't think it's right. Morally, it doesn't make for a very good role model for children who look up to these athletes. It destroys your body and sets an example for little kids that isn't right. Looking at the broader picture, you can look at the culture. Our culture is more individualized and--even though they weren't intended this way--sports have become a venue for personal glory."

Pega: "On the same level we're striving to be bigger and better and the competition is so intense that cutting corners has become the only way to get ahead. It's not right, but it's what we need to do in this society to stand out and make a statement. Just like corporations compete and they do whatever they can to be the best. It's the same in sports."

BH: So do you consider it cheating?

"Of course."
Craig, 21 (right) -- Rick, 20 (left)
BH: Do you think we've become a 'by any means necessary society' or is that a cynical view?

Craig: "No, I don't think it's a cynical view, but I don't know if it's a new phenomenon. I think it's something that transcends American history and it's just coming to a head now. I think it's interesting to put all the blame on Major League Baseball and ignore what is surely going on in other professional sports and entertainment just as a whole."

Rick: "I think they should fry them! No, just kidding. I think they should definitely make drug testing more frequent. Also, it's not just going on in Major League Baseball, it's going on in schools, too. I know kids that used to inject themselves with steroids so I think they should make restrictions everywhere."

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