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June 1st, 2005
Word on the Street: Summer Vacation

What are your plans for a summer vacation?

Michelle, 25 (left), Eric, 27 (right)
We are on vacation right now actually. We are from Europe, near Holland, the Netherlands. We're here for one week."

BH: "Oh, that's terrific. So I guess this is your big vacation of the year!"

"A little bit, yeah. We go actually to Ibiza, Madrid, Barcelona in Spain; that's our thing. We go there every year."
Greg, 23
"I plan to stay in New York. I play the piano, so I'm going to practice over the summer. Then I have a festival in Banff, a performance in Spain, and a festival in Washington D.C., so I'm really excited about the summer."
Sarah, 21
"I actually just came from an interview for an internship for this summer. It's with a literary agency that works with Broadway, so it's theater related. So hopefully I'll be in the city with this internship, and I also baby-sit everyday."
Laurie, 21 (photo not available)
"I'm actually studying for the CPA exam. It's broken up into four parts, so I'll probably be taking it in July and August. So I'll pretty much be studying all summer. I wish I had something more interesting going on!"
Tyrell, 19
"Actually I'm going to Geoffrey Ballet and then I am going to go to Miami for a nice vacation."

BH: Sounds like you have a big summer planned. How long will you be away for?

"Well, Geoffrey starts on June 8th, and I'm going to Miami May 23rd until June 7th. It's gonna be really nice."

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