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November 17th, 2006
Word on the Street : Thanksgiving

As a nation, do you think we are grateful? Are you grateful?

Jocelyn, 26
I think that [people in the United States] must be grateful for what we have because we have a good life here. I feel that I am grateful and thankful for what I have.
Rowena, 25
I think that the United States is grateful and I am grateful as well. I think that people give back and take care of each other here. So, yes.
Kevin, 35
I'm grateful and I certainly hope that other people are grateful or begin to feel grateful. If you look at how other people live around the world we're among the most fortunate people around. I don't see how you couldn't feel grateful for how we're living. Sure, it's not the most perfect and there are things that need to be changed here and it's up to everyone to make these changes but even as it stands now, this country really has no right not to be grateful.
Ashlee, 25
Overall, I think that we really do care about each other in this country. I just think that there is always more that we could do. And, I think that all Americans, myself included, need to realize how much, even just materially, we have that others go without. Sometimes I think that we forget we have more than we need and grab for more, while forgetting about the other billions of people who don't even have enough and never will. I think in my own life it is easy to complain and forget what I do have until it may be potentially taken from me. It's definitely something I try to be mindful of, though.
Alison, 20
I think that as a nation we're told that if we don't act a certain way then we're not grateful. So, I think it's difficult to talk about gratitude. I think everyone should be grateful in so many ways but there's a lot of stuff that gets in the way. Like buying Coke somehow keeps other people in sweatshops. There's such interconnectivity that we're not acknowledging. That while you can be grateful for the system you also have to realize it's not always doing everyone good. I feel like, yes, I'm grateful. But I can only be grateful for as long as I choose to live here, but if I leave then I am allowed to criticize it intellectually in different ways than I do now.
Jonathan, 21
Yeah, I'm grateful for what I have, I'd like to think so. Since I'm in a lot better position than most. But generally in the U.S., I think we kind of take things for granted here. If we wanted to go see a play or do your own thing, it's just part of your life everyday. It's just kind of part of our lives and what we do. We don't understand as much as what others have to deal with on a daily basis. If you watch the news what is it about? It's all about us, local news. We don't really see how we're affecting the world. We're the wealthiest country in the world and everything we do effects everyone else. We're coming out on top, but we really don't compare it to the bad stuff we're doing out there.
Eddie, 20
I consider myself a grateful person but I don't think the country is very grateful.

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