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November 1st, 2007
Word on the Street : Thanksgiving 2

Do you usually say a prayer or form of grace before your Thanksgiving meal? If so, what do you want your grace to be for this Thanksgiving?

Kelly, 22
I do. Well, since it's Thanksgiving, I would like to hear a lot of thanks lifted up to God. I forget a lot to give thanks often and I'm sure a lot of my friends do too. So its kinda that special day to look where God is in our lives and to actually thank him for being there and for all the goodness we have. I'll be thanking God for cool people to talk to and have lunch with, for my job, for my roomates and for the grace to get through every day with a smile on my face...most of the time...and to get through it if I don't have a smile. I'll have a smile the next day.
Justin, 35
"Only that it is going to be good. I don't pray before the meal. If it was a prayer type scenario, I would pray for things to get better in areas that need it and, in areas that are good, for them to continue being so."
Sonya, 20
Well, I was actually born on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving for me has always been my parents thing. They were thankful to have me. I know one thing we do is go around the table and say one thing we are thankful for. But we don't really pray. It's kind of a competition between the family to think of the most creative thing because you don't want to say you are thankful for your family because that is a given. So I haven't really decided on what I am going to say [this year].
Jenny, 16
"No because I don't really celebrate Thanksgiving. It's a regular day for me."
Jeff, 22
"Yeah. Usually it's my grandfather who will read a passage from the Bible and then he'll end up praying. It's not me personally. He'll say something about some current world issue and I'll be stressing out about something in my life."
Patrick, 22
"Not at all. We're not religious at all. I'm not a traditional American. I was born here but my mother is a French diplomat so [Thanksgiving] is not that big of a thing. We do eat the turkey though. It's a pretty big meal but that is as far as it goes. It's just food."
Daniel, 27
"Sometimes. I would just pray for the food to be healthy and nourishing and to be thankful for being here."
Juan Carlos
"Yes. We give thanks to God for all the things that He has given us over the year and to be together as a family. [This Thanksgiving] I am going to give thanks to God for keeping my family united and for keeping us all healthy more than anything."

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