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May 6th, 2008
Word on the Street : The Pope’s Visit

“What was it like to experience the Pope in person?”
(Gathered while broadcasting Sirius’ radio’s BustedHalo Show from the lawn of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C.)

Father Josef, 38
"I think that it will inspire a dialogue, and it's always
good to have communication, especially with a generation that is so detached from that sort of religious discussion."
Jenny, 20
"It was a life-changing experience because we were just so close and to see him like that as he blessed the whole crowd, it was amazing."
Brother Michael, 29
"There was a lot of energy. It seemed to me there are lot of young people around. We saw him coming down the street as we were standing on the steps of the Shrine, he was moving slow, and as he passed each crowd, people would sort of lurch forward and try to really get as close to him a they could. When he came into the driveway of the Shrine, the Sisters of the Servants of the Lord started going crazy (laughs)."
Sarah, 22
"It's kind of weird—I wasn't expecting to be this excited about it, but I actually got more excited as the days went on. I go to Catholic (University) here so we were talking about it more and more. When he finally showed up it was kind of like "Oh my God! There's the pope-mobile!" It was kind of surreal. I never expected to see him in my lifetime. I'm not Catholic myself, so I really didn't think it would be exciting for me, but then being here with all the people and the energy definitely made it a good experience. Being able to see the Pope I think is something that people regardless of their religious background can enjoy and appreciate because he is such a great public figure. It was something that I wanted to take advantage of—a rare opportunity that most people won't get."
Nicole, 32
"It has really impacted me. It is a great spiritual experience now, and I hope to keep it that way in the future."

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