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January 30th, 2007
Word on the Street : Trust

Do you consider yourself to be a trusting person? When do you find it most difficult to trust and with whom?

Michael, 38
"Yes. Sometimes too trusting. Either I'm really trusting or really suspicious. I find it most difficult to trust when I first meet someone and then when I'm real close to someone. I don't have a problem trusting the people I deal with everyday like at work."
Nickie, 27
"Yes. I think I am. I think in New York, you meet a lot of people who aren't necessarily very trustworthy but I think I'm a pretty good judge of character. I find it most difficult to trust random people that I meet. I bartend, so I meet a lot of shady characters (laughs)."
Niko, 22
"Absolutely not. I'm human. I find it most difficult to trust anyone who is human pretty much but the only thing that I can think of that can defeat that character defect is faith. It's not that I don't want to trust, it's that it's very hard and it takes a lot of time."
Antoinette, 45
"Somewhat, yes. In most instances, yes. But on a personal level it's more difficult to trust. I want to say it's most difficult to trust in dating relationships. I'm not dating right now and I haven't dated in a long time. It's just difficult to trust people in that way because that's a very close intimate space. When it gets more personal, you have more at stake and that's when it's very difficult to trust."
Mike, 20
"That depends. Trusting in people, not so much. Trusting in empirical stuff, yeah. Personal relationships, as in significant others, are probably the hardest times for me to trust."
Tim, 33
"Sometimes too trusting so yes and no. If you are aware that you are too trusting, part of you isn't trusting. I live in New York. Everyone is a little bit jaded. But I think I'm more trusting than most people. I'd say the times where I've been least trusting are after being lied to or after being hurt. Once bitten twice shy. That's how we become jaded. We get hurt once."
Noah, 23
"Yeah. I think so. It's something that I'm working on. I especially think in a romantic sense, trust is a hard thing in this modern world where there are so many options for everyone, or at least it seems so. So I think trust comes into play a lot on a one-on-one basis with another person. I think it's most difficult to trust in a romantic setting. I don't know what it is. I find myself questioning a lot both myself and the other person."

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