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October 18th, 2007
Word on the Street : Understanding Other Faiths

How much do you try to understand faiths outside of your own?

Shauna, 28
As much as I can. I find it interesting that although it seems a lot different, they're all about pretty much the same thing. I'm very interested in learning about other faiths, especially here in Manhattan.
Seth, 20
That's a question I've been dealing with ever since I was a kid. I've struggled to find my own personal faith and I don't practice the faith that has been passed on from my parents, so I had a period in my life where I really investigated religions, other ways of practicing belief and spirituality and I found one that works with me and my life and what I believe in. I'm always interested in they ways that other people believe and the way the practice their beliefs. Actively, I think I search it out sometimes, and when information comes to me I'm always open to receive it about other cultures.
Doug, 23
I consider myself a pretty open person. I respect other people's faiths and beliefs. I think it's important to be balanced and to understand other people's faiths in order to question your own and then from there you have a better general idea of what other people's opinions are and their reasons for believing what they believe in.
Nichole, 34
I like to question people about their religious upbringing and their ideas, but I don't read about it or seek it out.
Edward, 25
I haven't really explored it or studied it but I would like to know more about other faiths because I don't think growing up in a Christian background that Christianity is the only religion to go with and I don't think that anyone who is Jewish or Muslim is bad at all, but I've never studied them so I can't imagine that they're horrible religions just because they're not the Christian faith.
Sarah, 22
I wouldn't say that I've put a great deal of effort into it but I think to me it's most interesting as an element of culture where I think it's interesting to see how it plays into other people's world views so I think that the answer is not a lot but I think it's an interesting subject.

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