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February 1st, 2005
Word on the Street : Valentines Day

“What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day?”

Geysel, 26
I like it. I love it. It's a time to go out and have a nice dinner and get another gift. I think [it's harder when you are alone] because of the media. And if you watch Sex and the City you see how lonely you can be.
Anna, 23
I think that day is happy. I feel so good that day since it's all about love.
Gerardo, 23
Well, if I was alone, I don't think it would be a problem for me. It's just another day. I know though that I need to get my girlfriend a gift though and have a nice dinner for her.
Molly, 22 (left) -- Nicole, 21 (right)
Molly: I love Valentine's Day. I just got engaged, but I love the hearts and that you get to make people happy and show people you care. It's just a good day to be happy and show your feelings.

Nicole: Yeah, I really like Valentine's Day. Sure you have the hearts and candy, but it's just a good opportunity to show people you care. By no means should it simply be a girlfriend/boyfriend holiday. I think that that is ridiculous. There are times I've celebrated with my mom or with girlfriends and reminisced about past relationships that didn't work out or those that did. I think it's just a good day to show love and celebrate friendship and caring.
Elizabeth, 18
I think it's an advertising holiday to make people feel lonely. I don't think it's a true holiday, so I don't celebrate it. So, I spend my time with my two "friends" Ben and Jerry. I think it's an advertising and marketing holiday to make money and has nothing to do with St. Valentine.
Chuck, 18
It's cute and I actually really like it. I think that you're just a cynic if all you're paying attention to is that marketing. I think the point is to find a day with the ones that you love. Why rain on everyone's parade because I am having a bad year in the love department? I think it's a reminder. It's a busy world, and to have a day, whether it gets marketed or not, I think that's cool.

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