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September 21st, 2007
Word on the Street : Voting

As the primaries approach, to what degree does a candidate’s faith influence your vote?

Edward, 25
None. No degree at all. I don't look at their faith. I look at what I think they're going to do for my family and myself and for the country as a whole.
Sarah, 22
I think it has very little influence on my decisions. I'm going to be voting for someone who I think has good ideas on policy and their faith ranks very low on my list—below health care and immigration —those are going to be a lot higher when I'm voting.
Doug, 23
Me personally, it doesn't move me in one direction or another. Certain issues are more important than others; I think it's like that for most people in general. I think that a candidate's faith only goes so far and I think that most take the stand of being neutral and you never really get their true faith because they try to appeal to the masses.
Seth, 20
Not very much, in terms of their religious beliefs and practice. Although I like to hear people talk about how they feel about morality and how that might relate to their religious beliefs, I'm also interested in candidates who are willing to talk about and think about religions outside of their own, which makes them open to ideas outside of their own.
Shauna, 28
A lot. I actually think that a president who is not open to other faiths is going to be someone I wouldn't vote for, currently, I would like to see people a little more open minded about it all. I don't think it's the primary issue but it would certainly be something I would think about.
Nichole, 34
Not one bit. I'm more interested in the region where I live and how this person's idea and policies might affect our region.

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