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May 3rd, 2007
Word on the Street : Why Stay?

What keeps you in the Catholic Church? Why do you stay?

Anthony, 45
"I believe Jesus Christ is my lord and savior. Church is a community. I can pray on my own. I do pray on my own everyday with my morning offering and my night prayers. But coming to church and celebrating communal prayer makes me a part of a larger community. And it gives me a chance to volunteer in ministry and share my life and experiences with other members within my parish."
Carrie, 31
"I think it's the ever evolving nature of learning about it. Some of the things can be so frustrating like homosexual issues and the way women are treated in the Catholic Church—that's very frustrating to me—but there's so much more that isn't taught that I think we are all opening up to like the mystics, some of the most incredible people in the tradition—the ritual. And I think at it's core it still espouses love and to treat everyone the way you want to be treated and to share that feeling and that embodiment of prayer in community is an amazing gift. Once it gets in your blood, I don't think you can get rid of it. I'm someone who grew up Catholic, went away from the church and now I'm back. I think it's a struggle everyday but it's finding those golden moments where you have an epiphany and God speaks to you. That's what keeps me coming back."
Charlemagne, 37
"I've found the Catholic faith has a lot of common sense in it. The truth in the Eucharist keeps me here because it makes so much common sense that God loved us so much that He sent His son and that His son humbled himself so much that he became like a piece of bread that you swallow...He is willing to do anything to show that He loves us...I think it is that love and the fact that this God that does exist happens to be so unconditionally loving. It's so extreme and yet it makes so much sense."
Kimberly, 19
"For me, the way that I pray is to sing and proclaim to others. It's the way I grieve. If I'm at a funeral—I've had so many people die this past year—the way that I grieve is to sing to the families and give them hope. So for me that is very much a part of my worship and I can only get that and a sense of community when I go to church. I love the traditions. I love holding hands when we say the Our Father. It's just my thing. I love going."
Mike, 22
"Over the years I have developed a relationship with God, with Christ, and the Church is where most of his work is and His people are. And having that relationship with Christ I just want to be with Him and join with Him in His work. His spirit has given me a passion for His people and a passion to spread the Gospel and bring the Good News to everyone who still has yet to experience it and receive it. It's most definitely the work of the Holy Spirit."
Yvonne, 19
"I want to get the youth involved. That is my main focus. I'm trying to get the Church to involve more youth. And as long as I'm there, I have hope that there will be a youth group [at my parish] and that there will be more youth involved."
Brian, 25
"The students. Definitely, the students. When I take them out on retreats, they always end up surprising me with something. You know how you say we see Jesus in other people, for me it's them. These students give me laughter, they give me joy and they give me the drive to keep coming and doing what I do."

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